We are Covid SAFE!

Covid-19 Regulations on-board


This COVID-19 pandemic is being handled differently by all and everyone must do what they need to do to cope in their own way. But, we thought we would update you to give you some confidence in Sydney Harbour Tall Ships’ approach to the issue.
We are a Covid Safe Registered business. Our plan starts by knowing and recording who you will be experiencing our outdoor venue/Tallship with.
  • Prior to boarding the Tallship it will be thoroughly sanitized and everyone will be monitored for flu like symptoms and given hand sanitizer on arrival.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available onboard at all times.
  • When within 1.5m of a crew member we will wear a mask.
  • When preparing and plate serving your food gloves as well as a mask will be worn.
  • Total numbers onboard have been reduced to comply with the 4sq m rule.
  • Disposable paper towels are now available and there are no hand towels.
  • We encourage our guests to bring their own masks if they believe they need to use them.
  • We wish you safe and healthy times ahead.