Ocean Sailing

G’day Adventurers,

Who’s up for another exciting and fun adventure? Get ready because we would love to have you aboard our square topsail ketch Coral Trekker in 2020 for an experience of a lifetime!

After a great response to our last 2 years of east coast sailing adventures we are pleased to announce that 2020 will be offering more than ever. 2020 also marks the 250th year that Captain Cook in the Tall Ship Endeavour charted the east coast of Australia and started the interaction between Europeans and Australia’s indigenous communities. 

Our first set of Offshore Cruises will be sailing down to Victoria and returning to Sydney. 

Coral Trekker’s first voyage will be 7-days from Sydney to Paynesville, Victoria to join the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally. In Paynesville, we will be offering Bed and Breakfast as well as Day Sail Cruises.

From Paynesville, we’ll head off to Geelong on a 4-day tall ship cruise to partake in Geelong’s Wooden Boat Festival. Day Sail cruises will also be available there as well as B&B. 

A short but Exclusive 2-days and 1-night cruise to Williamstown from Geelong would be a great introduction to Tallship sailing arriving in time to partake in the Williamstown Festival. Again more opportunities for day-sailing and B&B. 

For those with more time and ready for a real adventure, we sail on a 12-day return trip to Sydney from the Williamstown festival.

Whilst Coral Trekker is in Sydney, she will be involved in the Australian National Maritime Museum’s Wooden Boat Festival in May.

Our Second Set of Offshore Cruises will be to Queensland and return. Departing from Sydney, Coral Trekker will head-off to Mooloolaba for a 10-day cruise. This will be followed by another 10-day cruise from Mooloolaba to Airlie Beach.

In Airlie Beach, for the first time since 2013, we will be offering our tried and proven Whitsunday Island-Hopping Cruises. These will be 6 days of exploring with the option of getting on or off from Hamilton Island half way through for those with less time to spare. We are really excited to have Coral Trekker back where she spent 25 years of cruising. During that time she showed thousands of lucky people the Whitsundays and this wonderful area. 

Coral Trekker’s name reflects the time she spent there in her interesting career sailing the world’s oceans. 

Coral Trekker will depart Airlie Beach, exploring the coast line on a 10-day sail to Cooktown. 

During the 3-week long Festival we will be offering day-sails and B&B whilst the celebration in Cooktown continues. 

We hope to be involved in the reenactment of the arrival of Captain Cook as well as the interaction with the local aboriginal community where reconciliation will be a topic of discussion. Many other activities will be available during the festival including, the brought forward, Laura music festival.

After the festival, we’ll depart from Cooktown and sail to Airlie Beach again exploring for 7 days. 

For those who missed our Airlie Beach/Whitsunday Island Hopping Cruises we will be offering another 3 and 6 day relaxing cruise before we head south.

We’ll say goodbye to Airlie Beach and be off for a 10 day voyage to Mooloolaba exploring the beautiful coast on the way. From Mooloolaba, some wonderful coast and islands will give us a memorable 10-day return trip to Sydney. 

Cruise Highlights

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NOTE: Whilst on-board, all activities, meals and accommodation will be included except drinks from the bar. These are at regular prices paid at the end of the voyage. There will be some merchandise also available for purchase as a further reminder of your adventure. Any shore side activities are at the discretion and cost of each individual.