Coral Trekker’s Weekend Sail

Coral Trekker’s Offshore Voyage – Weekend Sail


Enjoy a 2-day weekend aboard our Coral Trekker and experience an offshore voyage like no other!

All inclusive trip with food and accommodation a-board. Learn the ropes as a crew member or simply sit back and relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Limited to 12 seats only!


DEPARTURE TIME: 4:00pm – 4:15pm
PICK-UP: Campbell’s Cove Floating Pontoon
DROP-OFF: Campbell’s Cove Floating Pontoon

TICKET PRICE: $650 per person



  • Learn the ropes to tall ship sailing.
  • Wake up in a scenic location.
  • Food and accommodation.
  • Interesting anchorages and a chance to see marine wildlife on route.

NOTE: Drinks can be purchased at the bar onboard.


Ship’s log

Friday 4/9/2020
Campbell’s Cove 1600

Standing By.
Spy the Coral Trekker is coming under the Harbour Bridge, expectant excitement wells in my chest. This is it!

My family: Jane, Ayla, Annie and Luka assemble and amble to the jetty, no rush, just smiles and a knowing adventure awaits.

My first impression, she is smaller than I expected and how are we going to fit?

A hidden smile greets us, eyes a glowing with welcome. To stow our gear, cabin allocation is negotiated in the foyer. I get the double bed with Jane, the two kids: Annie and Luka share a bunk room and Ayla, tries the top bunk and settles for the lower bunk.

The accommodation is lovely, linen and towel, the timber work! I marvelled at the detail. The work required to keep it all fresh, I appreciate that. I ride the crow’s nest down the harbour and cross the heads to Quarantine Bay. A fabulous dinner is soon served in the deck house, we dine and chat as if around our own family table.

Early morning sojourn to the beach at Quarantine Bay, a walk around the museum. Not too much dilly dally as the wind begins to rise in the South West.

Set sails and we ride the breeze up the coast towards Broken Bay. It is not too long before I take the helm and steer a comfortable course to Broken Bay. A flotilla of fancy sail craft rise from behind and peel through my peripheral. I smile with delight and give the gentle wave that says have a lovely day.

Refuge Bay. Zodiac trip to the beach. A cold swim for all. A pick about the rocks and ascent to the top of the waterfall. Views of tranquility.
Returning to the Trekker, welcomed by kitchen smells wafting and teasing an appetite. Relax, be the guest and rest, that is that seem required of me.

Early morning, the sound of engine, I smile and wonder what delight awaits me. I smell the coffee and hear gentle chatter. Cruising up the river, the rugged Australian bush touches the water edge most everywhere. My beautiful family assemble at the stern and I am gifted my regulation Chocolates for Fathers’ Day. Annie and I climb to the Crow’s nest and chat and point at the beauty about us.

Dangar Island comes into view and we descend to the deck, ready for a walk across the island.

Soon we are away. Sails a ready and we beat south to Sydney Heads. Escorted at times by pods of dancing dolphins. The kids bounce from port to starboard to regal in the delight they bring.

Sydney heads welcome us and a gentle cruise to Campbell’s Cove. Bags a packed and bar bills paid, our skipper thanks us for our kind and joyful nature. Three Cheers for the Trekker! I call and our crew hooray! Nothing more to say we smile and depart our separate way.

Knowing we shall travel together another Day.

Sincere thanks for a wonderful Trip Marty and Lisa.

Love from,

Steve McDonald

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