Celebrate 2020 With A New Years Tall Ship Cruise

Celebrate 2020 With A New Years Tall Ship Cruise

Celebrate 2020 With A New Years Tall Ship Cruise | Tall Ships

Looking for New Year’s Eve cruises on Sydney Harbour? You’ve come to the right place. At Sydney Harbour Tall Ships, we have four cruises available this New Year’s Eve – and each one will provide you with a truly unforgettable experience. 

From our ship, you can experience the spectacular fireworks display that Sydney has every year – including family fireworks at 9:00 PM and midnight fireworks at 12:00 AM. Our cruises in Sydney are part of the Harbour of Light parade, which means we can take you inside the exclusion zone and give you truly unique vantage points for these celebrations. Learn more below. 

Cruise Highlights – Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Style In Sydney!

When you choose a fireworks cruise for New Year’s Eve with Sydney Harbour Tall Ships, you’ll have an unforgettable experience – guaranteed. You’ll get to take in views of the lit-up Sydney Harbour Bridge, enjoy the fireworks, and relax with drinks, food and a fun, festive atmosphere.

As part of the NYE cruise celebrations at Darling Harbour, all of our vessels will be taking place in the “Parade of Light,” a 15km circuit of the harbour which offers unparalleled views of the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks and celebrations. 

As part of your package, you’ll get to experience live music on the Soren Larsen and Southern Swan, while the newly-added Trekker will play pre-recorded music. Your package includes unlimited food and drinks. We offer delicious food as well as wine & beer. Non-alcoholic options include water, bubbly, soft drinks and juices – so you’re free to celebrate your way! 

We even offer private charters for groups, and group discounts of 10% for any group of more than 10 adults. Call for details. You will need a valid credit card to make a reservation. Legally, we also must limit vessel capacity for each of our ships during this cruise, so call early to make sure you don’t miss out. 

Choose From Four Different Cruises For Your New Year’s Eve Celebration

We offer a total of four different cruises that you can take for your New Year’s Eve Celebration, as follows. You can choose the one that’s right for you! 

Coral Trekker

Coral Trekker is our newest vessel. Capacity for this ship is limited to 40, so book early – particularly if you’d like to go with a group.

  • Price: $799/person
  • Boarding: 6:15 PM at Towns Place East
  • Return: 1:05 AM at Towns Place West
  • Cruise duration: Approx 6.45 hours

Southern Swan 

Southern Swan is one of our flagships, and is an ideal choice for your NYE celebrations.

  • Price: $949/person
  • Boarding: 7:00 PM at Ives Steps Wharf
  • Return: 1:45 AM at Campbell’s Cove Floating Pontoon
  • Cruise duration: Approx 6.5 hours

Soren Larsen

Like Southern Swam, Soren Larsen is one of our flagships at Sydney Harbour Tall Ships, and an excellent choice if you want to enjoy New Year’s Eve in style. 

  • Price: $949/person
  • Boarding: 7:15 PM at Ives Steps Wharf
  • Return: 1:30 AM at Campbell’s Cove Floating Pontoon
  • Cruise duration: Approx 6.5 hours

Wangi Queen Timber Ferry New Year’s Cruise

Got kids? Coral Trekker, Southern Swan and Soren Larsen don’t allow kids under 4 years of age, but the Wangi Queen Timber Ferry is an excellent choice for your little ones of any age.

  • Price: $649/person
  • Boarding: 6:15 PM at Towns Place West
  • Return: 1:35 AM at Towns Place West
  • Cruise duration: Approximately 7 hours

Schedule Your New Year’s Eve Cruise With Sydney Harbour Tall Ships Now!Ready for a New Year’s Eve cruise experience that you’ll never forget? Contact Sydney Harbour Tall Ships to reserve your spot now. Our cruises sell out every year, and we don’t want you to miss out. Get in touch now, and enjoy an unforgettable NYE experience in Sydney.

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