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Frequently Asked Questions for Exclusive Events

Do you have a minimum or maximum number of guests on the ship?
We are licensed to hold up to 100 guests per vessel. There is no minimum number of guests. We can accommodate for 100 guests and over; give us a call to discuss this option[top]

What is the deposit amount?
We require a deposit of $3000 or 50% of the charter cost, whichever is lower, to be paid upon booking.[top]

When do you require final payment?
We require final payment 14 days prior to your cruise.[top]

Are we able to provide our own catering on the Charter?
We have a range of delicious menus on offer. We don’t usually accept our clients to bring their own catering.[top]

What are your options for vegetarians and other dietary requirements?
We cater for vegetarians and gluten-free; options will depend on the menu choice. Please discuss specific requirements with us.[top]

Can we do BYO?
We are a licensed venue so unfortunately, we do not usually allow BYO’s. We do cater for special requests.[top]

Do you have seats available for all guests to sit on around the boat? Can we do a sit down meal?
Our Tall Ships are nearly 100 years old. What we offer is an authentic experience and tables and chairs aren’t part of this experience. Guests usually sit around the deck when eating and are free to move around. We highly recommend a finger food menu for groups over 50 people. [top]

What happens in wet weather? Do you have enough undercover/ indoor area if it rains or if it’s too hot?
We still sail rain or shine on our daily shared cruises. There is a canopy set-up in the front deck, and when it’s raining we can add another one in the rear deck. Your guests can also be sheltered below deck and we always have rain ponchos on board if needed.
Please note that you have the option to re-schedule your charter within the terms and conditions. We’ve have had charters where it was raining and guests came back to the wharf singing shanties so it depends on the guests; there are groups who don’t mind the rain and still have heaps of fun! For guests who know they won’t enjoy and are not too keen to be out in the harbour when it’s raining, they always have the option to reschedule to another date within the terms and conditions. [top]

Will I get sea sick?
It is very unlikely. Our ships are very stable in Sydney Harbour and we never go outside the heads, unless this is your requirement. The only time it gets choppy in the harbour is when the winds are really strong. When this happens the skipper goes to an area in the harbour where there’s protection from the wind or up the river.[top]

Do you have an age requirement?
Everyone is welcome on board, from infants to the elderly. [top]

Do you have an Ipod dock?
We have speakers and iPod that we play during charters. You can also plug-in your own iPod if you wish. [top]

Do you have a PA system?
Yes, we have a microphone and a portable speaker.[top]

Do you have a projector / screen?
No, but you can bring your own.[top]

Do you have an area where we can have a short presentation?
The lower deck can fit up to 20-40 guests at a time, depending on the vessel.[top]

What are the locations for the treasure hunt?
We recommend Goat Island or Chowder Bay for a maximum of 40 guests and Cockatoo Island or The Rocks for up to 80 guests. We are open to other suggestions.[top]

What is laser clay shooting?
Laser-clay shooting is a safe, original and interactive activity. It is run as a contest, and in each round, five people line up on the deck to shoot at the same target with their laser shotguns. The target (the clay) is launched into the air at various speed and angles and each player has to fire twice at the target. Each gun is micro-chipped and linked to an electronic scoreboard. Points are awarded if the target is hit and the results are electronically calculated and displayed on the scoreboard. At the end of the competition the player or team with the most points gets the glory![top]

Is there a smoking area?
We would prefer that the ship remains a non smoking vessel. Saying that, please approach the host or skipper if smoking can’t be avoided for your group. Guests can smoke beside the skipper so they are far from flammable items such as the lines or gas tanks. The skipper also watches out for any sparks as the ship is wood and sails so we have to be extra safe.[top]

Do you allow decorations?
Yes, you can bring decorations although we find the ship in itself with it's timber and sails are enough. [top]

What time do we need to arrive at the dock?
You will need to be at the dock no later than 15 minutes prior your sail time.[top]

Is there a first aid office on board?
The master, the deckhands and the host are all first aid trained and certified. There is also a first aid kit on board.[top]

How many life jackets are on board?
We have 120 life jackets on board.[top]

Where does the boat normally cruise?
The boat will sail around the harbour. We don’t have a set itinerary as we motor against the direction of the wind that day and then set sail. We will past Sydney’s biggest attractions including Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Fort Denison, Garden Island, Taronga Zoo, Luna Park and Admiralty House. If we have enough time we can cover Watson’s Bay all the way up the Parramatta River. If you have any areas of interest, just let us know and we will include it in the itinerary, if possible.[top]

What should I wear?
Please consider the weather on the day. We suggest soft low heel shoes, hat, wet weather gear (if it looks like rain) and a warm jacket. You are welcome to bring a small cushion if required. We also suggest you bring sunscreen.
White pants might not be a great idea![top] No sharp heeled shoes will be permitted.[top]

Is there wheelchair access?
Unfortunately due to the steep stairs required to access facilities on board, the ship does not have wheelchair access.[top]

Where do I board the ship?
Unless special requirement, our ships depart from Campbell’s Cove at The Rocks. We recommend taking public transport to Circular Quay and walking along the esplanade towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Campbell's Cove is located just beyond the Overseas Passenger Terminal. The walk is approximately 5-10 minutes (please consider your personal limitations if necessary). There are a few parking stations nearby, varying in cost: Bonds Store One, 26 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, 2000 The Clock tower Parking, 55 Harrington Street, The Rocks, 2000 Wilson Parking, 155 George St, The Rocks, 2000. You can visit http://www.carparking.info/ to find parking on the day. Please be at the wharf 15-30 minutes prior to departure.[top]

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